entropy_house (entropy_house) wrote,

The Anti-Anti-Fanfic Bingo Card

Adapted from the Anti-Fanfic Bingo Card created by ithliana and friends.

Transformative works are legal!
Copyright is being abused out of greed!
If you ask the writer for permission their lawyers won't let them say yes even if they want to!
You're flattering the writers you love!
You bring new life to characters that a busy writer hasn't time for!
Fanfic IS real writing; it's social bonding, shared dreams harkening back to the first storytellers of pre-history!
Dead authors won't have the pleasure of knowing how they inspired others!
If someone wrote fanfic about my story, I would send them virtual flowers.
It's like you came by my house, photographed my car, and built one of your own, but with racing stripes, fins and a jet-pack ejection seat!
If fanfic gets kids to read, it's great. Fanfic isn't *all* about the porn!
I'm keeping your characters alive and vital!
Joss Whedon!
Slash is a wonderful thing! It keeps many women from running amuck with Uzis!!
Mercedes Lackey!
It's moral to create and share!
You owe the writers money for their books! Don't buy coverless books on the cheap!
You're acting like creative people!
Good fan stories will make people want to buy a writer's work!
You're flattering me!
Noncommercial parodies are protected by the First Amendment!
It's very ethical to create something out of admiration and share it freely!
It's transformative use- Just like Disney did when he stole transformed the idea for Steamboat Willie from a movie!
If you have a contract, you're a professional, act like one!
Fanwriters are just like loyal friends!
Putting it on the internet for everybody to see creates a larger potential market for the author as people become curious about the source work!
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